Welcome to Moto-Mini World Headquarters
Texas Cat Ranch

If you want toy, model or collectable miniature motorcycles,
you have come to the right place!

Moto-Mini was started by Steve Hooper in 1992 to find every toy or model with two wheels and a motor. Scooter soon came along to lend a hand (oops, I mean a paw!). Browse the store and when you find that special piece, please give Hoop, or his furry pal Scooter (the raging rodent) a call. Our goal is to make the sport of motorcycling more enjoyable for all of us. Live to Ride and Ride to Live!


"In Memory of Gritty" - cranky old cat & co-founder of Moto-Mini

The Wranglers:


Left: "Slash", don't mess with him!

Below: Speedy Delivery!


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